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The flight and everyone was so great. Will definitely be doing it again!

Michelle W.

Flew with a Turboprop King Air 200

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We simplify the private jet booking process, eliminating the need for time-consuming emails and approvals. Get access to thousands of charter flights and finalize your booking quickly and efficiently.


Fllite Advantages

Secure Booking

Secure Booking

Fllite offers a secure platform for booking and managing charter flights in a few simple steps. Only verified users are allowed to see pricing and access charter quotes.

Seamless Booking with Real-time Pricing

Seamless Booking with Real-time Pricing

There is no need to exchange emails to get a charter quote for a private flight. We offer real-time pricing for selected aircraft, with no hidden fees, and also access to thousands of charters operators with only one click.

Join Shared Flights

Join Shared Flights

Up for an adventure? Fllite makes it easy for you and others to join shared trips by paying only for the seats you occupy. Join like-minded travelers and experience private aviation in an accessible way.

Frequently asked questions

Fill out the Request a Flight form and if we have availability with our managed aircraft you will see realtime pricing ready to book! If any of those options are not right for you, you can simply Request More Options right from your Trip Page and we will get you more.
perfect for families
Book a trip
Book a trip
  • Flight guaranteed once paid
  • Enjoy the comfort of flying privately
Propose a trip
Propose a trip
  • Flight not guaranteed to take off
  • Share empty seats with the Fllite community
  • Split the price when others join the trip
At the moment we can accept wire only. More on the way!

Yes, flights are subject to FET and Segment tax.

FET is 7.5% of the flight price and we will calculate it for you during checkout.

Segment tax is $4.30 per passenger per flight segment.

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About Fllite

Fllite is a fully accredited charter flight booking platform that connects passengers with thousands of private aircraft across the US and beyond. Founded by real pilots and aviation enthusiasts, we are committed to making the private flying experience as seamless, efficient, and memorable as possible.



Fllite has access to thousands of aircraft, ready and waiting for you.



Commercial air travel only serves about 300 airports. Fllite gives you access to many more.



Fllite is a member of the NBAA, which supports the entire private aviation community.

Interested in aircraft ownership?

Sharing the cost and responsibility for an aircraft is an attractive arrangement for many aircraft owners. Read about co-ownership agreements and decide if this might work for you.

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Fllite is not an air carrier. Fllite acts as an agent for our members to coordinate aircraft from FAA/DOT approved operators.
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